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Texas Notary Seal on Ideal Seal; 1-5/8" Diameter Texas Notary Seal on Ideal Seal; 1-5/8" Diameter

Our Ideal Seal boasts an entirely new and revolutionary design that not only pays homage to tradition but also fearlessly propels itself into the future. Its ergonomic shapes and versatile base allow for effortless usage, catering to hands of all sizes. With a reduced amount of pressure required compared to our original model, this seal conveniently indicates when the optimal amount of force has been applied for a flawless embossing finish. Its compact size and exceptional leverage have made it a popular choice, delivering pristine impressions on standard paper stocks. Additionally, this model is included in our corporate kits, further solidifying its status. The laser-engraved seal dies offer an unparalleled level of intricate detail, measuring at 1-5/8 (1.63) in diameter.

Price: $33.95