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New & Improved Ideal Seal Ideal Seal, New & Improved!

The All New Ideal Seal has a clean, timeless design that embraces tradition, but shows a willingness to take a bold leap forward. Ergonomic shapes, and a multiuse base (use as a hand held or desk seal) make it easy to use, regardless of hand size. It requires less pressure than our original model and indicates when you’ve applied the right amount of force to finish embossing. This model has become a favorite because of its compact size and high leverage which gives you clean, crisp impressions on most standard paper stocks and is also the model included in our corporate kits. Seal dies are laser engraved offering unmatched levels of detail. 1-5/8" diameter.

Our Price: $35.95
Sale Price: $33.95
You save $2.00!
Seal Gift Embosser Seal Gift Embosser

These elegant, precision made cast desk embossers make a fine addition to any desk or office. The embossers are metal cast, then individually polished by hand to create a smooth, beautiful surface. They are available with a baked on black epoxy finish, a polished brass finish or a lustrous chrome finish. Great for executive gifts, notaries, lawyers, personal embossers, names and addresses and much more. Available in 1-5/8" diameter die holder. Special order available for 1" x 2" and 2", please call for quote.

List Price: $59.95
Our Price: $49.95
You save $10.00!
Seal Gold Star Labels Seal Gold Star Labels

Gold Star Embossing Labels for use with our new Ideal Seals or our Cast Gift Embossers. 2" diameter.  Quantity 40.

Our Price: $5.00
Seal Impression Inker Seal Impression Inker

The Seal Impression inker will ink the embossed image making it suitable for photocopying. After embossing the page with the embossing seal press the inker lightly on the raised impression to produce an inked image. Required to fax or photocopy documents that have been sealed with an embosser.

Our Price: $21.95