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Cracked Ice Award Frosted Mountain Award
Cracked Ice Award
Price: $44.95
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Frosted Mountain Award
Price: $49.95
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The Cracked Ice Award stands out as an exceptional and distinctive recognition. Its edges beautifully capture and reflect the light, while the engraving creates a frosty white effect reminiscent of sandblasting. This custom laser engraved award also comes with a polished base, adding an extra touch of elegance. Dimensions: 6" x 5"

The Frosted Mountain Award is a remarkable accolade that would enhance the prestige of any award collection. This award is available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, or Large, and is made of a sturdy cast acrylic. It comes accompanied by two self-adhesive base pieces that artfully imitate the rugged top of the mountain. The two base components consist of a sleek black acrylic composition, enhancing the award's overall sophistication. Dimensions: 5" x 6"

Wedge Facet Award Star Tower Award
Wedge Facet Award
Price: $79.95
You save $20.00!
Star Tower Award
Price: $82.95
You save $17.00!

The Wedge Facet Award is a free-standing carefully hand-polished award that features beveled edges that reflect the vibrant hues of the rippled base. The engraving area is accentuated by the base's color, creating a bright and clear finish. The Wedge Facet Award is available in your choice of Blue or Gold. Dimensions: 5 x 7.
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Enhance any award collection with the exquisite Star Tower Award.
It is crafted from a polished cast acrylic and engraved with a pristine white hue which creates a beautiful contrast of colors. To
further enhance the reflection of light, you have the option to choose between a Blue or Gold Mirrored Base. Dimensions: 3.5" x 2" x 6
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